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Kierki try a very popular Gloss compendium games, like Queen

Kierki try a very popular Gloss compendium games, like Queen


"Kierki" is basically an excellent diminutive of the keyword to have cardiovascular system, however, this game is quite distinctive from the latest Anglo-Western online game of Minds, which is commonly known into the Poland was "Window Minds" because it's identified merely through the variation that was mailed having a highly-recognized computer systems.

Five members be involved in might types of Keirki, and there is a version for a few users with the scoring altered some time to keep the balance. An effective Kierki match include two fold: the newest "game" (rozgrywka) plus the "re-game" (odgrywka). In the first region the aim is to stop profitable particular cards otherwise campaigns which score bad facts. Throughout the next region, players try to winnings ways so you can get positive items. For the a properly organized match the sums of positive and negative items are equivalent, so the amount of every players' products finally commonly end up being zero.

Members and you will Cards

The standard games is actually for four participants, for every to relax and play on their own. The high quality 52-card French cure prepare can be used. This new cards during the for each and every match review out-of highest in order to reasonable An effective-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-dos.

The game try starred clockwise. The first broker is selected at random and the turn to bargain seats to the left after each and every give. The newest dealer income every cards aside one-by-one, to ensure each player features thirteen cards.

Rozgrywka - Bad Online game

The original 7 deals was starred instead trumps. The ball player so you can dealer's kept results in the first key. Members must follow match if they can, otherwise they may put any card. The trick try won because of the highest cards of your own match contributed additionally the winner results in next trick. The objective and you will rating of each package varies, below.

  1. Bez lew (no ways). Participants try to avoid taking procedures. For each and every key taken results -20 circumstances.
  2. Bez kierГіw (zero minds). Users try to avoid providing minds. The heart inside a player's procedures scores -20 issues. You are forbidden to guide a heart in order to a key unless of course you really don't have anything however, minds in your hand. There aren't any restrictions for the discarding hearts for those who have no credit of suit provided.
  3. Bez paЕ„ (zero female). The king inside a good player's techniques results -60 situations.
  4. Bez panГіw (no gentlemen). All the jack and each king for the a player's tricks results -30 activities.
  5. Bez krГіla kier (no queen out of hearts). The latest queen from hearts 's the best penalty credit. The player exactly who gains the key which includes the newest king of hearts score -150 affairs. Like in deal 2 (Bez kierГіw), you’re taboo to guide a center in order to a secret unless of course you really don't have anything but hearts in your hand. New king out of minds would be thrown away to the any trick so you can which you do not follow match.
  6. Bez siГіdmej we ostatniej lewy (zero seventh and no history key) The newest champions away from seventh secret additionally the past key for every single rating -75 factors.
  7. RozbГіjnik (bandit), labeled as wariat (crazy). In this deal the penalties regarding the first six earlier deals try scored. Thus including effective an information on what the brand new king out-of hearts are discarded will set you back you at the least 20+20+30+150=220 issues (to possess a secret, a center, an effective genteleman additionally the king regarding hearts). Like in selling dos and you may 5, you should not direct minds if you do not do not have solution.

The total level of punishment situations in the first half a dozen sale is 1300 (that is 20*thirteen + 20*thirteen + 60*4 + 30*8 + 150 + 75*2). The new is actually several other 1300 items to dump inside offer eight, and work out 2600 completely.