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You're so lucky to live in Melbourne – I love that city!

You're so lucky to live in Melbourne – I love that city!

Thanks Hayley – Yes, the Dandenongs and some other areas are beautiful and great for a day trip. I'm also keen to find natural areas closer to home so it can be more of a daily influence. I'll keep looking for those little green gems – thanks for getting back to me 🙂

Just got to Melbourne a few days ago – I have one day (tomorrow) to see do a ton of stuff. I hope I can fit it all in! Then it'll be a road trip up to Cairns. After reading your blog, I think I'll have to come back down here to see more.

Yesterday, I went to Philip Island. Definitely a must-do during your time here! The Koala Sanctuary (. ) and the penguins coming up onto the beach after dark are both spectacular!

Enjoy your road trip to Cairns. If you get the chance visit Magnetic Island and the Whitsundays in Queensland – my old stomping ground! Thanks for reading 🙂

From one expat to another, I was reading this list and noticing that I myself have a lot of these same thoughts about my recent More Info move! It sounds like you're having a great time there!

And yes, I've learned that patience in the job hunt is the only thing that makes me not go crazy! Things will all fall into place!

Wow, travelling for free in such a big city? How awesome is that. And I hope your health gets better!! I'm sure it's just the different climate and adjusting to it.... Since I moved to Norway I seem to get a cold constantly....

I would love to visit Australia one day

Sooo awesome. It's only a new concept but a great one at that! And my cough has finally subsided, thanks for the well wishes.

Melbourne sounds exciting! It seems like there's so much to see, do and eat! And kudos to your for putting yourself out there and meeting people! That's definitely something I struggle with!

Good luck trying to narrow down your restaurant options – I feel like it would be next to impossible in a city like Melbourne!

Ha I know, it's going to be a good foodie challenge. I'm looking forward to reading more about Edinburgh on your blog – I really need to visit there soon!

Good luck in your new adventure. They have told me that there is no city like Melbourne. I hope you make memorable moments and continue to learn in this new process!

I have heard so many good things about Melbourne and from your post, everything I've heard is true! My old college roommate is Australian and now lives in Darwin. And I have a friend that moved to Bryon Bay for work and decided to stay there.

I was on a backpackers budget when I visited a few years ago, so I'd love to revisit and eat at all the amazing restaurants and cafes

You know I still haven't been to Byron Bay – I feel like such a bad Australian! I hope you get to visit soon, it's a beautiful place. But hey, so is the US 😉

Hi Hayley! I enjoyed your post and can relate to moving far from home and all the challenges that come from that, especially as a somewhat introverted person. I am from Los Angeles and now live in Singapore (yes, come to Singapore for country 26!). I used to say that L.A. got all the seasons in one day too! It's gotten a bit warmer and more uniform in temp there lately though. Anyway, thanks for sharing about Melbourne. I really want to visit Australia sometime so I like to learn about the sights there.